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Wild Guyana - Adventure Travel Paradise

includes excerpts of writings by Kirk Smock

Heading into the jungle without a local guide is foolish, if not suicidal—it’s possible to get lost straying from camp to relieve yourself, let alone trekking for miles. With a guide, you have a living jungle book - the first to spot a caiman on the banks, a jaguar print, or a poison dart frog; they know every tree, plant, and vine. And their relaxed nature in the jungle was refreshingly intoxicating, except when holding a pissed-off snake.

photo by Cheryl Hart

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Boar's Head Inn - Charlottesville, VA

What do Boyd Tinsley of the Dave Matthews Band, Thomas Jefferson's neighbor, golf's Best Places to Play, and award-winning Virginia wines have in common?

All play a role in extraordinary experiences for travelers at the Boar's Head Inn, a 573-acre, AAA Four Diamond Award playground a few miles from the University of Virginia.

Photo by Boar's Head Inn

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Guest Travelers Write In...

 Mount Kilimanjaro Climb for Clean Water

The success of the Kili 2010 climb and the interest shown by many individuals—both within the Domain industry and in the general public—to participate in another climb led The Water School to adopt the Climb for Clean Water as its single major annual fundraising event.

The Water School relies on donations to carry out our mission in countries where we work. The Climb for Clean Water is a fundraising effort that was pioneered by key individuals in the Domain industry. The first climb, which took place in March 2010, raised almost $200,000 towards The Water School Program. Why Mount Kiliminjaro?


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