Mount Kilimanjaro Climb for Clean Water

Michael Castello // 07.07.10

The success of the Kili 2010 climb and the interest shown by many individuals—both within the Domain industry and in the general public—to participate in another climb led The Water School to adopt the Climb for Clean Water as its single major annual fundraising event.

The Water School relies on donations to carry out our mission in countries where we work. The Climb for Clean Water is a fundraising effort that was pioneered by key individuals in the Domain industry. The first climb, which took place in March 2010, raised almost $200,000 towards The Water School Program.
Why Mount Kiliminjaro?
Considered the “Roof Top of Africa”, the breathtaking Mount Kilimanjaro is located in Moshi, Tanzania and soars at its highest point to 5,858 meters (19340 ft). It is among the seven continental giants that sits high on the global mountaineering must do list for anyone willing to take a challenge. It is, however, one of the easiest of the Big Seven. That is not to say it is a walkover, far from it, but it is less a mountaineering experience that an extended trek, and as a consequence it is one of the few big mountains of the world that almost anyone of moderate fitness has a fighting chance of summiting.
The proximity of the Mountain to The Water School projects in Kenya makes it the perfect destination because climbers get the opportunity to visit The Water School projects and see firsthand the impact our program has on thousands of children.
Machame Route
Also known as the ‘Whisky Route’, Machame is probably the easiest of the outfield routes, and is widely regarded as the most scenic route on the mountain. It is usually completed in either 6 or 7 days, with 7 being the norm thanks to the obvious advantage of an extra day of altitude adjustment.
How you can help
There are two ways in which you can participate in the 2011 Mount Kilimanjaro Climb for Clean Water a success.
1.       Register as a climber: Not only do you get to see the beauty of a truly amazing continent, but your participation as a climber will help raise much needed funds for The Water School program and raise awareness amongst your network on the work we do and the impact we are having. There are limited spaces so apply early!
 What climbers said about the Kili 2010 Climb for Clean Water
Not only are you climbing the tallest, walkable mountain in the world, but you are helping to bring the essential elements of life, clean water and education about health and sanitation, to thousands of children and families- I couldn’t imagine a better feeling.

Emily Hale. Toronto, Canada

Some of the young people who went on this trip told me that seeing how people have to live there, how much the availability of clean water improves their lives and the deep gratitude the men, women and children all expressed for that helping hand has changed their lives forever”

Gregg McNair. Australia

 “I realized that as difficult as the climb was on my health for short duration (nausea, headaches, sleep deprivation from insomnia) many Africans struggle with their health daily as a result of water borne diseases.”

Glenn Moore. Red Deer, Canada

 The climb for clean Water 2010 was a wonderful experience I wouldn't want to miss. Not only were we able to raise funds for the greatest charity I ever got involved in, it also helped me grow on a personal level. Reaching the summit was far more than I ever expected to achieve on this trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro. I found a lot of new friends, developed an even deeper friendship with old friends and experienced an incredible team spirit. I would advice all of you that can make it in 2011 to join in and raise funds for The Water School!

Nico Zeifan. Germany

 "I'm not sure what had the most impact on me: reaching the highest peak of Mount Kilimanjaro or visiting the slums and schools outside of Nairobi to see, with my own eyes, the amazing impact The Water School has on so many lives. Either experience could be life changing but the combined experience forced me to evaluate where I was in my life and make some positive changes to ensure I would continue in my efforts to make a difference among the underprivileged."

Tessa Holcomb. Massachusets, USA

 About The Water School

The Water School (TWS) is a registered Canadian charity with a mission to provide simple, safe, strategic, and sustainable clean water solutions to the developing world. The Water School was founded in 2007 by Bob Dell, a water scientist, and Fraser Edwards, a businessman with decades of experience in partnering with indigenous leaders to implement lasting change.
Lack of safe drinking water and adequate sanitation is the leading cause of illnesses in developing countries as it was in western nations one hundred years ago. Repeated episodes of waterborne diseases that cause diarrhoea can push children to the brink of survival, leaving them weak and malnourished and unable to survive common childhood illnesses, let alone attend school. 
The Water School provides simple, strategic and sustainable clean water solutions to the developing world. Our program integrates health and sanitation education programs with the Solar Disinfection (SODIS) technique which effectively changes contaminated water to safe-drinking water. The science of solar disinfection has been proven with over 25 years of research by the science community. Contaminated water is placed in clear plastic bottles and placed in direct sunlight for one sunny day or 2 cloudy days. The UV rays of the sun effectively kill pathogenic microorganisms making the water safe for human consumption.