About Us



Our passion is helping you, the Traveler, create the best travel experiences for you

We want travel planning to be true to your unique needs. Whether you prefer to immerse yourself in new cultures or lounge on the beach; whether you desire a spiritual journey steeped in history or covet shopping secrets in Shanghai; whether you must run with the bulls for your rush – or are thrilled just watching.

Traveler.com is here to help you find the best travel experience possible while creating a unique web platform that is more open and natural for how consumers want to experience the web today - and tomorrow. In short, we will serve the next generation of traveler - today...

What we're doing now

We are creating rich content focused on unique destinations and experiences to help you do the "normal" things - research, book trips, hunt deals, and gain insight from both professional writers and fellow travelers, but without the information overload that has become all too common in many travel sites.

Where we're going

True to our passions, we are energetically working on powerful planning features to help you find and shape experiences tailored to your desires and needs - and to help your expert agent truly understand your interests and shape the best experiences for you. Some people love to do everything online; some like to pick up the phone and talk to another person - that is, an expert agent. We will facilitate both.

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Who we are - and how did we get this brand name?

In the early 1990's,  two enterprising brothers, David and Michael Castello, recognized the potential of an easy-to-remember domain name focused on the person traveling - that is, the Traveler. They sought partners with both domain development and travel experience to drive the creation of the vision and plan, and traveler.com was born.

Together, they have partnered to create a website experience that generates great value for consumers and the business, but which ultimately and clearly respects the inherent personal meaning of the Traveler.

For more information on CCIN and the Castello Brothers please see http://www.ccin.com