Times are tough - let's be creative and aggressive
Jonathan Alford // 02.05.09 // Comments (0)
I had the privilege of attending ALIS, the Americas Lodging Investment Summit, in San Diego last week. Focused on hotel real estate investment and the hospitality industry in general, it's typically a font of deal-making and grand predictions of where hotels are going. This year, it was morbid. A great conference, but also a sign of the times. That said, it was clear that hotels (and other travel providers) will benefit most during this rough economy by being creative and aggressive in their marketing and efforts to fill beds. What is great about is that we want to focus on what makes hotels, tour operators, and travel experiences unique and magical. These are tough times, no doubt, but travelers can still dream, plan, and save for their next vacation. Maybe we can help keep great hotels and experience providers from becoming commoditized in this price-driven environment. Maybe we can help travelers escape from the daily stress a bit. With all the perishable inventory out there in the form of hotel room-nights, airline seats, and vacation days, I hope we can band together and fulfill real business needs, but in a way that sparks innovation and consumer-focused creativity when the natural inclination is to retrench. Create a great experience for travelers now, and they'll come back later, too. read more
Captain "Sully" on the Hudson River
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A good day's work, and time to view some good folks through a different lens... read more
Snowing and sunsets in Seattle...
Jonathan Alford // 12.16.08 // Comments (0)
It snowed Saturday in Seattle. Today? Perfectly clear, the Mountain is out, and an incredible sunset on its way. Beautiful – and rare for the gray gray gray the next 7 months. The snow took me back to previous lives of discovery and very slight debauchery in Steamboat and Aspen as well as intense and incredibly rewarding work for the Salt Lake Olympics. Not just the places, but the people that ultimately make any travel and hospitality experience memorable. read more
Travelers who inspired me the last few weeks...intro
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Did I think I’d write my first blog on a US Airways flight? No. But here I am in a packed plane - cursing my decision to get a 15" laptop - but generally enjoying myself... read more
Travelers who inspired me the last few weeks...part I
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I) My US Airways pilot? read more
Travelers who inspired me the last few weeks...part II
Jonathan Alford // 12.13.08 // Comments (0)
II) Fantastic and fantastical stories - a Bug washed off the beach, recovering NASA rocket boosters, and more... read more
Travelers who inspired me the last few weeks...part III
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III) Terry the waiter in LA who met a hero (hint - not me)... read more
Travelers who inspired me the last few weeks...part IV
Jonathan Alford // 12.11.08 // Comments (0)
IV) Families, grandmas, lovers and more - at Disney... read more