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Boston is one of America's most incredible and historic cities, and the best way to explore the city's 21 vibrant, diverse neighborhoods is on foot. If you don't want to hoof it, trains and the subway - the T - are always nearby.

Amazing neighborhoods include Back Bay, the nexus of high-end shopping and dining, Beacon Hill, one of America's most historic (and expensive) locations, the North End, an Italian enclave with food rivaling the best, and Cambridge (a city of its own), home to a highly eclectic mix of ethnicities, great food, and Harvard and MIT.

Boston was incorporated in 1630 and became a hotbed of revolutionary rhetoric in the late 1700s, home to John Adams and Paul Revere among many others.  It has since become the economic and cultural hub of New England and one of the world's top educational and intellectual centers. With a collecttion of Boston hotels rivaling any metropolis, accommodations are top-notch.

After a streak of 86 years, the Red Sox finally won a World Series again in the early 2004, breaking the dreaded Curse, and have been on a tear since. In fact, Boston sports are in somewhat of an age of enlightenment - with the Patriots and Celtics recently winning titles and Boston-area college hockey teams highly successful also. The only thing missing is the Bruins.

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