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Imagine Las Vegas as a small railroad town in the barren desert 60 years ago. Hard, isn't it? Since then the city has reinvented itself several times, rising in massive spurts and falling almost as far - embodied in its intrepid gamblers.

Las Vegas continues to evolve. Hollywood's elite frequents the city's never-ending nightlife - the hip crowd centering in The Palms, but spreading quickly to the Strip. Las Vegas hotels range from the run-down to the ultra-glitz.  Celebrity chefs and luxury shopping are a huge draw. Towering condo and retail complexes are sprouting in the center of the Strip, though in today's economy, some may be destined to remain skeletons. Million-dollar Broadway productions stand next to stages where top comedians and entertainers perform.

Gambling continues to be the driving force, of course, and always remember - what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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