Medical tourism and travel insurance


Check into a 5-star hotel experience in Singapore, Bangkok, or India, except this is for cosmetic surgery or a critical angioplasty instead of a spa.  And rather than a $100,000 price tag, the surgery could be 75% LESS without sacrificing quality or care - less even than a deductible in the US. 

Which leaves plenty of room for the actual hotel and whatever travel pleasure you choose afterward, as travelers are increasingly combining vacation with treatment in hospitals noted for world-class facilities and service for international guests.

Even the American Medical Association recently issued guidance for international medical travel and recognized the quality of care and facilities.

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Hospitals and Medical Travel facilitators


Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok treats 400,000 international patients annually from 190 countries

Christus Muguerza Hospital, named as a Top 5 Best hospital for international healthcare by Men's Health

Parkway Health, with facilities in Singapore, Abu Dhabi, and China

Anadolu Medical Center Istanbul, affiliated with Johns Hopkins

Weill Cornell Medical Center Qatar, a full-service teaching hospital of the Cornell Medical Center of New York


Medical Travel Facilitators


WorldMed Assist




Industry associations and Travel health insurance


Benefits of medical travel

By Wouter Hoeberechts of WorldMedAssist

Here's what Americans who've joined the growing number of medical travelers have learned:

1.   Cost savings can be tremendous
2.   Quality assurance is supported through rigorous accreditation
3.   Waiting times are shorter
4.   Success rates can be even higher than in the US
5.   Access to some treatments can be greater
6.   Personal attention is unparalleled
7.   Longer supervised recovery periods
8.   World-class facilities
9.   Anonymity and security
10. A true travel experience if desired

Medical travel isn't for everyone, but with U.S. health costs now the highest in the world according to a recent McKinsey study - it provides a viable and affordable option for many.

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Using a Medical Tourism facilitator

Medical Tourism is a fast-growing experience with many positives in these economic times, though you should always research thoroughly. Contact a healthcare provider directly, or evaluate a reputable medical tourism facilitator.

A facilitator can offer additional value, and you should always interview your medical tourism company to get a clear understanding on several items, such as whether it has visited its partner hospitals in person

For more information, see A Medical Traveler's Guide


Medical travel articles and health resources

Health resources

US State Department - travel health insurance providers, emergency assistance, etc

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) - health topics on vaccinations, diseases, destinations, etc



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