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Spiritual, Cultural and Faith. Unique perspectives on travel, but potentially quite intertwined and without a doubt growing.  No matter the journey itself, what matters is its meaning to You.

Immerse yourself in new cultures, take a pilgrimage of faith, or explore sites of historical significance. Do all three at the same time - or not. This can be a religious journey, or it can be simply going on a trip with folks in your church group.  It can be centered around icons of religious history and focused on the power of your faith - or focused solely on the history part.

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Guest Travelers Write In...

Our guest traveler writes...

"Why we dig Sports"

by Kristen Ulmer, extreme-skiing pioneer and world traveler

When you have a secret, can you keep it from even those closest to you?  "Yep, like the best poker player."

When you're angry or upset about something, can you hide it from other people?  "Sure, I just smile and keep quiet."

When you're skiing the moguls, can you fake being better than you really are?  "Errr, no."

How about rock climbing?  If you say you climb 5.12 but it's simply not true, when it comes time to perform will you rise to it?  "Not a chance. Same with football, golf, cycling, racing."

That's the thing - you can't fake it or hide from the truth. You can't pretend to be stronger, faster, more intelligent, more charming, or sexier than you really are.
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