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Coming soon to want to look and feel fantastic, and we will help you get away from the grind to do it. The New Year will be the perfect time for resolutions, recovering from the gastronomic pleasures of the holidays, and starting anew.

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An incredible number of stand-alone spa resorts and additions to hotels have sprouted in the last several years, making what was an out-of-reach experience both geographically and economically very much within-reach.

For a day, a weekend, or a week-long exercise, nutrition, relaxation or even spiritual experience, we will help you find the perfect trip on your own or choose an experienced partner to help find and fulfill the escape you want - and need.


Guest Travelers Write In...

The Traveler mind, body...and Zone

by Kristen Ulmer of Ski to Live

Extreme-ski pioneer, world traveler, and guest writer...

I used to be a professional Big Mountain skier - basically jumping off cliffs and skiing you-fall-you-die exposures around the world for extreme skiing films and ski magazines.

From this, I've found there are many ways to view a sunset...

From the Mind:  Oh that's nice. How orange! That's similar to the one in Rome last month, although I prefer the one in Rome.

From the Body:  Oh this feels good. Yummy. I love how warm and touching this experience is. Hold my hand.

From the Zone:  I am the sunset, the sunset is me  (click "Read More")

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